Premium quality from an honest professional at affordable rates

Minimum booking

There is a minimum charge of £100, which covers the first two hours – even if the job takes less. This way I can partially cover the incurring fuel costs, and the time invested to get to your place, prepare and maintain my work tools.

Emergency & out-of-hour rates

Emergency works (usually provided within 2-4 hours from your call – subject to availability) and out-of-business hour jobs (weekdays between 5-11pm, Saturdays, and Sundays) are priced double (£60/hr) the regular hourly rate.

Materials & consumables not included

Any materials and consumables are charged on top of the labour costs. Also removing any materials, packaging are charged extra. It requires time to move them, so that they can get safely recycled or disposed.

Regular hourly rate

After that the rate is £30 per hour in 30 minute increments. This means if the job is finished for example in 4.5 hours than I would charge £100 + £30×2.5 = £100 + 75 = £175 in total.

Full day rate & Bigger jobs

For a full day (8 hrs) of work there is a £240 charge. For bigger jobs, which take more than 2 days of work, I can provide a tailored quote and/or arrange an on-site consultation, so that I can better understand your goals and needs.

Electrical work rates

Besides working as a handyman, I’m NAPIT Part P Approved Electrician. The electrical services are priced differently, but I still offer highly competitive rates, compared to the local market players. Please request a free estimate!

Quality, durability above all

I’m always doing my best to deliver quality and durable work, while keeping the process safe. You pay for a job only once.
If you have a pre-defined fix budget, or you think that someone else will do the work cheaper, it’s better to call them.

* Carefurbish is the trading name of Janos Tovisi, a sole trader registered with HMRC. I hold a public liability insurance cover in the limit of £2,000,000. Not registered for VAT.